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Harrows Products

Harrows have over 34 years experience in the Darts world, based in Hertfordshire they produce quality products designed for all standards of players from novice to professional



We have a large selection of Harrows darts at our shop. They come in both steel and soft tip varieties.

Harrows darts are used by 5 times world champion and legend

Eric "The Crafty Cockney" Bristow, Mark "Flash" Dudbridge and Wayne "Hawaii 501" Mardle




Grafite=State of the art sport performance laminate. Rigid 90 flight wings

Marathon=The world beating concept

33% thicker for extra strength and rigidity

Marathon Gold=is a radical fusion of a unique thermo laminated material, which is 33% thicker than a standard flight and the patented Dimplex construction concept. Increased strength, longer life and a true 90 degree wing angle

Dimplex Marathon=The two flight concepts which revolutionised darts are combined in this iconic series.

Fantail=Innovative aerodynamic shape Eye catching designs V Wing=Unique aerodynamic shape for added lift Spectacular collection of superb designs.
Vortex=Classic feather design Superb holograms Vortex 353=15% smaller than Vortex Classic feather design  Triad=The extra wing surface area (41.4cm2) gives added lift and a steady trajectory. This flight will assist both steel and softip players alike.





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